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    • Se'Veda Kent

      Se'Veda Kent


      Se’Veda Kent (Mama to Sean, 3, and Selene 1) lives in Smyrna, GA with husband, Preston, UX Designer. Se’Veda is a full-time is a full time Analyst, but prior to graduating college spend her younger years as a Professional Sitter and worked in childcare. “It wasn’t until I became a Mama Bear that I realized the importance of work/life/family integration. As a full time mama, wife, staffer, sister, daughter, friend, and the list goes on, self-care becomes a forgotten necessity. That where your village comes in.” After doing the daycare shuffle, and finding some pretty good ones, Se’Veda saw that there was a gap when it came to a place where the total family could get some attention. “I couldn’t find a place where I could get a sick sitter when my little one was sick, a date night sitter, a co-working space with child care, and have a planned play date with other parents and kiddos. So I created one.”


      Personal Info:
      • Degree:
        Master in Public Administration & B.S. Health Education
      • My Languages:
      • My Hobby:
        Cooking, Family & Friends, Interior Design
    • Stephanie Stanley

      Stephanie Stanley


      Stephanie Stanley had an extensive history in Childcare ownership and development. Her qualifications and extensive experience makes her a perfect component to function along side her co-owner Se’Veda Kent in this capacity.  She has owned and operated several Childcare Centers for the Department of Children and Families of the state of Florida. Stephanie believes every child deserves a safe, clean, nurturing learning environment as they embark upon their potential for a  lifetime of development. She is a firm believer It takes a village to foster success. Witnessing the amazing transformation that comes through a  warm, engaging and responsive relationship is rewarding for our parents, infants and staff. “Stephanie is poised to share her wealth of knowledge”. Stephanie currently resides in Smyrna, GA with her husband Darryl. They have 6 children.